Project Team
VINU Project Team
Summary: The VINU Core Team is supported by a large extended team. Together, the team manages all aspects of the VINU project.

Core Team

The VINU Core Team comprises makes key decisions about the direction of the project. The Core Team is small but reacts efficiently to changes and developments.



Co-Founder & Brand Director Telegram: https://t.me/milltayishere Twitter: https://twitter.com/milltayishere


Operations Director Telegram: https://t.me/shuttlecock3376 Twitter: https://twitter.com/shuttlecock3376


Communications Director Telegram: https://t.me/the_big_bobster Twitter: https://twitter.com/the_big_bobster

Extended Team

The VINU Core Team is supported by an extensive network of additional personnel & community members, who constitute the following roles:
  • Software developers and engineers
  • Events and activities
  • Marketing and influencers
  • Social media managers
  • VinuSquad (Community) Leaders
  • Community moderators
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